Genetics: A Hidden Mythology

Genetic study provides first-ever insight into biological origin of schizophrenia Landmark analysis reveals excessive “pruning” of connections between neurons in brain predisposes to schizophrenia. “Over the past five years, geneticists led by the Broad Institute’s Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and its collaborators around the world collected more than 100,000 human DNA samples from 30... Continue Reading →


Zen Ramblings ‘ “

:: The following is a diary entry made by a teenaged me. (So keep that in mind.) The instructions I have left myself, knowing & not knowing about my muddied mind & how it would never hold the memories, here are simple. A sort of fake it till you make it. //Habits form & muscle memory makes... Continue Reading →

through the mind,, ,

I feel like a lonely island, we’re all lonely islands and nobody knows. //We see each other’s smoke signals & call it humanity. //We see each other’s smoke signals & claim to know the archaic souls blowing the embers up to animation, but we can only guess through the fire’s dance. I believe we are... Continue Reading →

thoughts on THOUGHTS, pt.s 1-3

THOUGHTS ON THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE is a collection of poems written by myself that deal with the incredible feelings I was subject to during an episode lasted at least 4 months. During this time I was near-crisis & agitated, miserable, depressed & hyperactive, isolating & quiet, creative, all-knowing, angry & The Void Herself all... Continue Reading →

Ver t ig o )) ) ) ))

I whirl past; my back, I see it shrunk, there before me & face. I am only a bit out of my head. Something to the left where I cannot look all the way at it. In fact, the thoughts come up all blurry... The body wracked of seizures by stillness then spinning, more stillness:... Continue Reading →

oh the horror,, , //a sleep paralysis story

Last night I fell asleep with no problems. Ease; letting go the intense mind crunch & instead surrendering into that blissful non-thoughts phantastic we all have at the edge of asleep.  Hypnagogic consciousness, it's called, the falling asleep mind still churning. But that's not where our story begins. //// Episodes of sleep paralysis are made up... Continue Reading →

a little Introduction is in Order

Amber. 24. Poet. // An (on-hold) Psychology Student, aspiring "Altered States of Consciousness" researcher, & early riser.       Life-long learner. Jungian Enthusiast. Bipolar. Follow my journey as I work to evolve my mind, body & soul. Split into 5 categories, this page will not only be used to showcase my journaling & poetics but... Continue Reading →

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