thoughts on THOUGHTS, pt.s 1-3

THOUGHTS ON THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE is a collection of poems written by myself that deal with the incredible feelings I was subject to during an episode lasted at least 4 months. During this time I was near-crisis & agitated, miserable, depressed & hyperactive, isolating & quiet, creative, all-knowing, angry & The Void Herself all... Continue Reading →


Ver t ig o )) ) ) ))

I whirl past; my back, I see it shrunk, there before me & face. I am only a bit out of my head. Something to the left where I cannot look all the way at it. In fact, the thoughts come up all blurry... The body wracked of seizures by stillness then spinning, more stillness:... Continue Reading →

oh the horror,, , //a sleep paralysis story

Last night I fell asleep with no problems. Ease; letting go the intense mind crunch & instead surrendering into that blissful non-thoughts phantastic we all have at the edge of asleep.  Hypnagogic consciousness, it's called, the falling asleep mind still churning. But that's not where our story begins. //// Episodes of sleep paralysis are made up... Continue Reading →

a little introduction is in order,, ,

Amber. 24. Poet.    // An (on-hold) Psychology Student. Aspiring "unconsciousness" researcher. Early riser.    Life-long learner.     Jungian Enthusiast.      Bipolar. //Follow my journey as I work to evolve my mind, body & soul. (*) Split into 4 categories, this page will be used to showcase journaling through my ill personality: battles against... Continue Reading →

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