a little Introduction is in Order

Hello, my name is Amber Renee & lemme just explain…


I believe in archetypal images being the psychic dimension just beyond our 5 senses. I believe that if we can crack the messages spoken to us from a psychic unconsciousness; the 0, 1 binary language which must be the yes or no code hidden (in illnesses & dreams, the tiny unheard thoughts circling an outer reach of the conscious brain; archetypal pictures, myth motifs & the like) I believe that if we can discover how common core themes are spelt in universal terms, (the mother archetype, the shadow, the mask), & what they mean for the species, why they arise, then we would be able to better realize our connectedness with the world, each other & our collective inner life. I believe this is important for bringing about change to the human condition, the political world & the treatment of the mentally ill. //

Now, to me at least, in order to research these abstract ideas, it seems we should begin with thorough, well rounded & intense studies in existential speculative philosophy, analytic soul psychology, as well as some comparative literature study, specifically that of myth & ancient religion, so that we can begin to deconstruct our world as we know it in order to reconstruct it in a way which is past appearance, past tradition, more spiritual, & which thus allows us to discover the little universes within every moment, atom & aether of this multiverse spectrum. (Math would also be good; biology, neuroscience… but I’m not smart enough for those. That’s a job for another cosmic weirdo.)

This blog is my descent into the chaos.
In order to find the cosmos.



4 thoughts on “a little Introduction is in Order”

      1. you are welcome – i like the psychology thread on wordpress – always something interesting and thought-provoking, such as this piece. i too am fascinated by archetypes – i wrote a piece, a while back, about Envy and Jealousy… as two sisters. just an exploration of this concept, stemming from a personal encounter with a jealous girl. lol


  1. You saying that made me check out your page some more & all I can say is: Whoa! haha. I love your style & subject matter. Super glad you liked & commented; now I know about your blog! I’m guessing you know about/are into Carl Jung?


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