While looking between which books to read for philosophy day, I’m caught by the word “Will” found in 2 / 3 of my philosophy books. Thanks, Nietzsche & Schopenhauer.

It’s 1:10pm & I’m wondering what exactly this whole “Will” business is about. //From what I’m reading, Nietzsche was very influenced by Schopenhauer’s ideas on Will (a part of humanity/brain-function which has the power to choose from the buffet of desires we’re offered by our own personal wants & needs in any given situation) first.

Schopenhauer came a generation before Nietzsche, & what’s interesting to me is reading about Nietzsche’s eventual fall from agreement with his elder. See, after years of study, Mr.Nietzsche began to feel torn from the idea that primordially the universe is driven by a Will to Live, Procreate & Avoid Death…. something I’m all in about. (About that not being our Reason & Way only.)

Instead it seems Nietzsche believed more into the Will being driven by the desire for Power, or the highest possible position we can achieve in our lives. Whatever that might mean for us. (Last part my own interpretation, unsure how Nietzsche defined Power as of yet…)


Time to start reading.


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