This world…

I disagree with, depending on where in the world you happen to be doing your whole “being alive” thing; the competition of nationality, religion, race, skill; politician to politician, neighbor to neighbor, person to person & needing to keep up with the Joneses, paying bills & getting married bc That’s What People Do.

I mean,

//depending on how this planet cultivated itself; for example, weather permitting, prehistory out-living, us, our ancestors & them with their low brow eyes to the stars; their minds, well, maybe could never have learned to think or thought to develop things such as language, speech, innovation, inquiry, curiosity. Biologically,

(Whose cells were first to realize this potential? How did it tell the others? Were it like the genetics of a smooth brain knowing to ripple inward, increase surface space & thus, capability? Or different somehow, somehow once removed?) 

//If there were two moons at night bc, what if, during the creation of this universe we dwell, well, one fraction of an inch were sacrificed in the rapid fire asteroids once in this place. We could be praising different gods, speaking different languages, knowing different symbols, new ideas. Consider: we could have more or less toes; we could not have any. Gills. Maybe we’d still be living in the oceans thanks to double moons causing oceans chaotic & swelling. If so,
would we ever have created this? This built up of society & the too many people to support “nations” or politics we take so seriously? Would we have decided to assign significance to green pieces of cloth papers which control us: a whole manifest animation temporary? Our Quality Of Life? //

Nothing matters people, let’s just enjoy this stay on this planet nicely. Afterall, all we are is a pebble of sand on the cosmic shore of all existence. Eroded, ebbed, or deposited. Some buried, some hot, cold, wet, dry. We’re a grain of salt, a planet among infinity, a painting taking ourselves so seriously. //

Let’s run into the ocean together & forget to hold our breaths. Feel cool on our faces until we transcend the fragment idea of “sense”.

Let’s enjoy.

What do you say?

-Amber Renee


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