So here I am, right? Barnes & noble suited, coffee in hand.
/ It’s / A / Writing / Day /, I declared to myself this morning, ha. Yeah right, right?
Write. Just write, right? Riiiight. Well,

rain drops while
musing drips, (read that again) ,, &,
in this mindset, little cozy cafe, settling down inside my own chest, I’m sunk in where it’s nice here, I think. //Being so isolated & fearful, alert knowing any moment now the hatch could lift & the enemy would realize. (It’s a warzone out there.)

lemme tell ya, that can really
make a person


mouthfuls of
“dream” from
dismal wisps of lip overcast like

truth’s goldmine, when
really it’s all a landmine’s

glinting blast under the
sun’s explode. A window

seat (will do that to you).




back to playing around in my headspace storytelling called, “THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS”. //Currently I’m transitioning from the opening monologue chapters & beginning the start of her walk through the rainy woods in search of some mystery destination. She’s led by a feverish lightning bolt personified. She’s followed by a vocal entity negative. Insanity ensues.




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