Overheard a woman today while I was at the cafe,      //she was on the phone. She was whispering thickly to some disembodied listener about the immigration officials & their looking to take her away  from her family & new land. She spoke in a way that hid her emotion & so declared rather too loudly for my liking, her despair. She argued in opposition of herself, I noticed. I noticed her everyday cake & coffee. I noticed her conservative garb, though trendy some might say. She looked down, half eaten cake forgotten in her disclosure & deciding it must be so that the people are legal & clean in a country. She conceded, saying so over the phone, but giving a quick glance in my direction & no doubt seeing my profile indulged through my work, not eaves dropping at all, nooo, & so therefore feeling safe enough to quietly mutter into the phone about the logistics & politics of costs & poverty & being trapped on farms starving for healthcare & with no choice & how unsettling is all was, which I felt stab at me with empathy-laced bullets grazing, grazing, hitting with the sniper’s aim & killing.




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