Passing Through; The Brainstem Jungle

Lost the dreamy indications of a cosmic amnesia, asleep & burdened a great & many symbolisms. // This is me in bed, REM ignitioned  /////
vision’s a sugar plums dancing through my ~

(*) The dim, the dark, the weary thoughtless head
are fusing in    |    ***
silence &
purpose &
solitude at

being so lonely; something inside of this body which is quite like

a rain forest!       Wet humid & vigilant little ecosystem.     )) )Its steams wisps of fog ,off a bloody burning floor kind of like,,,, This island!  Personality, lone planet, her creatures, & some with language (you know what that means     )) )& their only sending smoke signals up which they call HUMANITY.  Hahaha. The OTHERS all look on in fascination. ))) )   // You know it,,!, (planets, asteroids, etc., like chirpings from animal saying,  “what’s it with these masks & forms are doing trying to grip reality & proving… what???” )) ))) I hear them. They laugh.

That’s when,

//I notice the tissues of mud & dirt along this, her supposed ground; alive. Then, vessels, atomics, innards & other critters digging around down there: Inches. Centimeters. Miles. Rippling. Cell-quakes. Timeless. Waiting for the BIG ONE , it’s coming………………….. ///They claim to know it, (the) entity souls blowing their fires up from ember; an ego’s facade. Cell-Quake. Like the hourglass isn’t pouring. ///They claim to know it because they are CREATION’S everything. Their alien leadship sparking ANIMATION it’s said. Said, giving off a warm molecular too gruesome to allow cosmic KNOWLEDGE it’s said. This nonsense is the cause. We are the rapid deforestation in effect.

It’s 7am. ///I walk it barefoot, heavy;     this murky air which stinks of fleshmachine workings clockwork or electrical.  //// /I can only guess through the fire’s dance, being them not me, nor I a self,,, /the language barrier conflicts so

I just

watch as tribe after tribe loses their elder. The don’t mourn. (*)
We’re all left a child’s savage ways at the end,,, surrendering earth
into wisdom & elevating above our heads.  I like it.

I am there until I’m not.


My alarm & the end.



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